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Album Promotion

Hey guys it's me, Juvenile Virtue. I Just wanted to let you all know how greatful I am for your loving support and following every success! God has set this plan into motion and I cannot be more excited!

The next step is to get the album ready for the LAUNCH (no I didn't say lunch lol)! For those that know me I'm always smiling and laughing because of my Christ Like Attitude. Now the LAUNCH is going to be amazing!

Will you take that LEAP OF FAITH (L.O.F) ?

What does this mean?

L.O.F - You will be pre ordering the album before it's even LAUNCHED


  • Original $9.99 - Two CD's, Both Autographed:
    • 1st CD with my first 2 singles
    • 2nd CD is the full album
  • Deluxe $12.99 - Original package plus:
    • Great Bonus Features and Extras
    • Special Message's from the heart to Ignite Your Faith!
  • Ultimate Fan Faith Package $19.99 - Deluxe package plus:
    • Thank you and congratulations on taking the ULTIMATE LEAP OF FAITH

May God bless you for putting faith above money!

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